Saturday, June 30, 2012

100 and what degrees?

Wheeeeeew! It was a hot one, the south really knows how to turn on the heat! Walking outside at 7am I broke a sweat. We said our goodbyes to my family, who were wonderful and great to catch up with, and got on our way.

Today can be summed up in, REST STOPS. It was so, so hot. We got about 30 miles under our belt, and then we started to feel the warm, southern sun. At that point, it was 'get through the next 7 miles to the next air conditioned cafe so we can rest.' There were not a lot of substantial towns after we left Brunswick, thus 'little' biking goals became essential. Another aspect for our breaks now involved AIR CONDITIONING. Stopping in the New England states, we could rest in the shade and feel refreshed. Now, stopping outside and, though being in the shade, we are not gaining much from it. On top of that, any extra water we carry instantly becomes warm.

We did a 'leap frog'/'yo-yo' with Hannah and Ning throughout the day, until Yulee, where the serious rest stops happened. After going about 7 miles between each stop, we finally arrived at Fort Clinch SP, where a dismal cloud tried to form over us. The ranger informed us he only had 3 sites left, that had been previously turned down bc they were, 'blistering hot and offered no shade.' Well, we had to 'check it out before we could commit,' so we biked the 2 miles out to it. With the setting sun and some playing time on the beach, we took it. Perfect! (I by the way biked the extra 4 miles to go back, register and pay for the site, and head to the water, please add that to my overall tally).

The spot is beautiful. Breezy now that the sun is down. Brian, a friend from Gainesville, drove down to splash in the water and camp with us. He also brought a feast. So many foods we haven't eaten! Yum!

Now, we are just relaxing and getting ready for the big day. Our last day! I cannot believe this journey is coming to an end. Kevin gave us a great quote, 'The days are long, but the years are short.' So true.

Cheers to family and friends,

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