Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Witty Titles Aren't My Thing

Waking up and seeing a spider on the outside of your tent? AHH!

Virginia State Park at Chippokes is wonderful. We had a good night, rested well, I woke up and cooked breakfast while Robyn packed up the tent. Soon we were on our bikes and headed toward Virginia Beach. Nothing out of the ordinary today as far as biking goes. We went over four descent sized bridges, saving the scariest for last. Also adding more traffic each time. It was a smoldering 93 degrees today, though not so bad for me, but Robyn says it felt like she was being baked alive. We stopped for a snack and then headed to Kim's home where we were met by her boyfriend, Dave. We showered, chatted merrily and read some of the Adventure Cycling magazines. Later, Kim came back from her twice a week 40+/- mi bike ride that she leads, and we had a filling dinner including pasta and stuffed mushrooms. After exchanging different cycling stories, Robyn and I headed off to bed. If we have not mentioned it, this is our, 'long stretch'. 10 straight days of biking. No big deal. :D Ha!

Tomorrow - the Outer Banks! Stoked!!!
Ps - Ask Robyn how many flats she has gotten the next time you talk to her. And the last picture is of Clarence, Kim's doggie.

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