Friday, June 29, 2012

Day twenty-eight: long, hot day

Austin and Deirdre were excellent warm showers hosts for us yesterday! Delicious pasta dinner topped off with limoncello then waffles in the morning, yes.
Got out early and after finding our way out of the neighborhood we were in, had a smooth and efficient start to our ride. Then it got hot. Really hot! We ended up doing about 90 miles in 100 degree heat. Took us about 12 hours including all of the oh so necessary breaks along the way. Hannah and Ning ended up deciding to come all the way to Brunswick, Georgia where we are now all camped out in Marie's grandparent's living room. Wonder how they feel about covering all those miles... but there wasn't much between Savannah and here and we are glad they caught up to us. (Hannah was saying that if we sent postcards from all of the places we actually went they would all be from Starbucks and gas stations.) She and I both got flats in rapid succession when it was finally cooling down and we were finally getting closer. Rolled in just after 8:00 right before the sun went down, whew! Plenty of food waiting for us and the perfect temperature pool to rinse the day off. Thanks so much for the great southern hospitality, excellent cookies.

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