Sunday, June 24, 2012

Grab Your Kleenex

Rewind. Let's finish yesterday:
We got to the hotel, had a nice dip in the pool, showered and went exploring. Jacksonville! (NC, not Fla - this journey isn't finished yet kids). So, things to note about Jacksonville, NC: it's a military town, you cannot drive/bike/anything through the base unless you are a marine, it's a strip mall mecca. Also, there are no crosswalks for pedestrians, so no walking! Well, it's more like sprinting across 6 lanes of traffic.

After that adventure, Robyn and I relaxed until my friend Scott, from high school, came to meet us for dinner. Not only does he drive 2.5 hrs, he treats us to dinner! Seriously, he was an awesome prom date (and friend) and has continued that until adulthood. It was really nice catching up. I have to admit, I love the friends that I have, that even after not seeing one another for 4 years, you can sit down and chat as if you had been keeping up with one another daily.

Will full bellies, we said our goodbyes and promptly fell fast asleep. Funny how a 10:30pm bed time seems oh-so-late. We've turned into old ladies!

This morning we awoke with the realization that this was our last day with our 'bike convoy.' We ate yet another delicious breakfast, packed, and took some group photos. So sad. We got rolling down Hwy 17, only a 53mi day today. A few stops, then all of a sudden we were in Wilmington! CVS on 17 and Gordon ::sniff:: was were we all stopped to say goodbye. Leaving Gary (Gar-bear), Kate and Kevin was so hard. It was great having other bike tourers around to talk to/laugh with/bike with. Just as they probably saw us as 'kids,' we were grateful to have some guidance. Plus, I laughed SO HARD, so much, with them. Robyn and I had to take a moment after leaving to collect ourselves. Wwwhheeeeewwww!
Bike tour convoy? I'm completely for it.

Okay. Now that I'm re-collected, I can go on with this post. We are currently in, Wilmington, staying with Marcy, Harriet's boyfriend's mom. Super sweet and nice! We had a delicious vegetarian lasagna and now, Robyn's wish may just come true. We are going to go see Prometheus.

Today is the first day where I could count the days to the end of trip easier than the days since the beginning. I have not counted any days to the end, but now since it is less than 10 days away, it's getting harder. My 'real life' back in Seattle seems so surreal. Woof!

Cheers to another great day on bike tour!

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