Friday, June 22, 2012

Day twenty-one???: over the hump

Some of you may have gleaned from Marie's posts that the last few days have been a little tough on me... But I am better now! The ocean swim last night was totally restorative. I washed off two days of headwind, plenty of sweat, a remarkable amount of sunscreen and the hottest day yet (no cloud cover thank you very much.) Marie has been a champ dealing with all of my whining.
Was a little bit cranky after getting up at 3:30, packing up furiously, riding 6 miles, grabbing a 5:00 ferry, then riding 13 miles to another ferry at 7:30, but I napped the whole two hour ride.
When getting off the boat we ran into a guy named Marty who is touring opposite of us from Jacksonville to Maine, he gave us some extra snacks, very nice. There were also three people on tour who had been on the boat with us who we had chatted with in passing, they were pulled into the conversation and Marie and I decided to see if we could caravan with them. Fabulous decision! Kate, Kevin and Gary proved to be great company and similarly paced, a great fit for us! Together we battled yet another day with constant headwind and no cloud cover. Be it the new blood or the realization that ibuprofen might be a good solution for my sore tush, today was so much better than the last two.
We even changed our plans from making it to a warm showers yard to camp when they invited us to stay with them in a hotel in Pine Knolls. The last ten miles were a bit dicey when traffic picked up and so did the wind. Ultimately, we made it the the Hampton Inn and snuck all of our bikes in the back. The hotel room is actually giant and perfect with a pullout couch just for me and Marie. Thanks Gary for using those timeshare points! We plan on sticking with them for the next couple days till Wilmington. Here's to staying positive.

PS - We saw 12 bunnies on Orcacoke Island. There was a group of boy scouters that kayaked 50mi that infiltrated my dreams. The 2.5 hr ferry was $3 for one plus a bike! Gelatin is lame and in so much unnecessarily! Whoever said Chicago was the windy city had not been to the NC coast. Everything I consumed today came out of my pores. AT&T is insufficient on the East Coast.

That is twelve alive bunnies, one dead one.

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  1. I have that exact same bike pouch! The old school Cannondale one! It was my mommas! Love it!