Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Day five - loooooooooong island

Finally got the bike computers working, did 70 KILOMETERS today. Now to figure out how to display miles (you were right Cooper, user error.)
Took off from New London on a ferry late this morning due to tying a few too many on and sleeping far too little. Last night's Indian food leftovers were luckily fairly rejuvenating. Left some ominous clouds behind and arrived in Long Island to sunny weather. The water was a beautiful green color, I understand why a person might vacation here.
The sun held out for most of the day barring a brief summer rain in the evening and my sunglasses tan is on its way... My favorite part of today may have been the nap I had under a tree in the front yard of a school this afternoon. A sluggish day was worth the late night adventures, the bridge to New London is truly remarkable.
My booty is pretty darn sore in case anyone was wondering.

Getting off the small ferry, which was a open car deck with a small, three level cabin for passengers, we were pleasantly greeted with a 'Welcome to New York' sign. Our ride had various views of Long Island Sound that sparkled from the sun. A few water breaks here and there, we arrived at Wildwood State Park just around 7pm. Robyn set up our tent (thanks Danny!) and I began to cook us dinner on our homemade camp stove (thanks Wolf Taffy!). Veggies with lentils, fruit and nuts for dessert. I'm going to grab a jar tomorrow to presoak food to cut down on cooking time and how much fuel we use.

Now that my teeth are brushed, and both of us are in our sleeping bags, I will mention that this is the first time I've camped as an adult (I car camped once for a night 2.5 years ago).

Tomorrow has long day for us. A stroll along the beach (which the state park is on), quick shower and grub, then we have 78 miles to Taylor's in NYC.

My booty is a-okay if anyone was wondering. (I'm probably going to eat those words tomorrow)

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