Monday, June 25, 2012

Woohoo! New State Day!

Today, Robyn and I woke up to see some ominous clouds lurking out the window. We ate breakfast and said goodbye to Marcy, Truman, and Mogley. Thanks Marcy for being a wonderful host!!

We got on our bikes, rode to through downtown Wilmington to the river to view the old battle ship (great suggestion!). Soon, we were on our way to South Carolina. For whatever reason (maybe bc it was our tenth day in a row riding?) I was dragging a bit today. Also, for whatever reason(s), I made it through the entire day without applying sunscreen. Smart Marie, smart - my body has not acclimated that much. Ouch.

We arrived at the South Carolina boarder and took our obligatory 'new state photo.' Then, it was off to the Myrtle Beach area. Those pesky, skin-burning clouds held out with no rain until we sat down and waited for my mom to meet us! Yay mom! She's going to spend the day with me tomorrow, while Robyn catches up with old college comrades, on our rest day. I'll re-join Robyn tomorrow and get into mischief then (ok probably no mischief, really, we're old ladies now, remember?). Actually, this will be the long distance and time I've been separated from Robyn since our tour started. Bizarre.

We fly home in a week, dang!
Ps - Kate nicknamed Robyn and I, Kanga and Roo. I felt it necessary to take a photo in front of the gas station logo, just as Robyn decided to be a goober in the SC photo.

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