Sunday, June 10, 2012

NYC part 2

I'm going to attempt to sum up the rest of our say in NYC swiftly. Currently, we are in Manasquan, NJ noming on some veggie tacos.

The day started late, I got up and I'd our laundry at a laundromat and caught up on a few phone calls. Upon leaving Brooklyn we saw a building fire and a numerous amount of fire trucks. No one looked injured, and it appeared thy had the fire contained. We then met up with Robyn's friend Caitlin and rode the Staten Island ferry round trip to see the Statue of Liberty. From there we stopped at a vegetarian/vegan restaurant (Red Bamboo) for an early dinner. The restaurant had tasty food, a lot of faux meats though, which I am a little indifferent about. We then walked through Washington Park where I saw people playing chess with one another. Then we passed through the NYU area where I could have stayed and peopled watched all day. Festival, musicians, street performers. Yeaaa!

Next we stopped by Strand (similar to Powell's in Portland) to roam around the 18 miles of books they have. We grabbed some vegan birthday cake ice cream from Lula's (thanks Danielle for the great food recommendations in NYC!). A ride on the subway lead us to Central Park, which was gorgeous. With all of the hustle and bustle of Manhattan, you can enter the park and no longer feel in the city. Plus, there where so many cute doggies running around.

We said our goodbye to Caitlin and went to watch Prometheus, and failed for a second night in a row. The Times Square location was sold out (go figure), but I still got to see Times Square at night, all lit up. Score!

We went home, showered, packed, and wrote some postcards - which by the way, if you want a postcard leave us your address. :)

Stopping in New Jersey somewhere tonight.


  1. Your blog is Awesome! You both look nice and tan! Hopefully your butts are surviving!

  2. Marie, I LOVE reading you and Robin's updates. The trip sounds epic. Megan, Leshia and I went to The Strand when we were in NYC for pre-wedding dress shopping. Keep posting, I can't get enough!