Thursday, June 28, 2012

...And Then A Wreck Happened Next To Me

Last night, after being on some sort of 'life high' from meeting new people, I put my head down on the pillow, and for the first time, I could not get to sleep. Can loud cicadas really keep a person up after 85 mi of biking? I guess so.

We awoke this morning with our usual routine - Robyn packs the tent while I cook the grub. Our swanky campsite had a 'coffee shop,' so though I was out of coffee beans, I could still get my fix. We got on the road, with our new friends, Hannah and Ning. Pretty easy biking for the most part today - though they bike a little faster than us.

Highlights of the biking: beautiful southern swamps and rivers. The others saw an alligator, but I was focused on not getting pummeled by a semi on a bridge, that I was not looking for it. We also had a double-rear-end-collision happen right next to us (it was about 2 feet to my left, it was so close, I thought I was the one going to get hit), but all four of us survived, 10 fingers - 10 toes!

Now, Robyn and I are having our usual flight at the local brewery. Seriously, breweries have popped up in the south/east. I like it!

1 week and I have to be back at work?!? Crazy!
Ps - we made it to Georgia! Aaaaannnddd we saw a first Jacksonville sign, tear.

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