Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Day twelve - everything is easier when it is not raining

We are in Baltimore. I like this town. Marie can write more if she wants, I am going to sleep!

Marie is going to write more. ;)
Today started off with sunshine and a light breeze, lifting our spirits. We said our goodbyes to Ted, Sue, Kyle and Karen and were on our way. Everything seemed smoother and more manageable than yesterday. One task at hand, that we had about 20 miles to think about, was how to get across the Susquehanna River. Many bridges did not allow bikes and the one that did was under construction. Assuming luck would be on our side, we decided to take the shorter route and 'cross that bridge when it comes.' Ha, ha. When we rolled into Perryville, sure enough bikes could not cross - not even if we dismounted. Fortunately, there was a nice gentleman (Ben) with a truck who let us load our bikes in the flat bed and gave us a lift.

Bridges are such an obstacle for cyclists. I am amazed. Also, getting in and out of cities is difficult. Once we are in the city, it's great, bike lanes exist, people are a little bit more aware. Unfortunately, that is not case for the suburbs. Our host tonight, Christine let us know about Bike Washington's route to get to DC, do we are going to try that route tomorrow.

The day went pretty well. Stopped a few times in the shade to snack and drink water, had some rolling hills, life was going well. Then, Robyn got her second flat, second day in a row. After pumping the tire and getting back on the bikes, I noticed her tire still did not look right. The jostling of the tube ripped the valve off the tube. Whoops. Change in tube #3 for Robyn.

After that, we stopped for some ice-cream and headed into Baltimore. Though it was a little hectic, it definitely has been the easiest city to get into, we'll see how the exit goes. We got to downtown in the evening and roamed around the harbor. We took our typical fountain photo, strolled by the water, and got asked a few times if we were touring and why. People are so inquisitive, we try to answer all their questions as best as possible, so hopefully they will think about touring or maybe try it themselves.

Baltimore seems pretty rad. It is the bicentennial of the War of 1812 and there are numerous tall ships here in honor of it. Also, instead of tearing down loads of buildings, they have renovated older ones and kept some of the colonial feel (there are plenty of modern buildings as well).

Tonight we are staying with Christine, who I met off of warmshowers, she has been super nice and we are looking forward to a good night's rest.

Until tomorrow (DC!),

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  1. You guys rock! And when you do this next year :) I'm totally coming with you!!! Stay clean!