Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Hey Connecticut!

A much better bike day happened yesterday, for day 2.  We got up, did a few tweaks to our bikes, said good-bye to our wonderful hosts, and got on our way.  After we got outside of the Providence city limits, we encountered the East Coast Greenway - something that I wish existed on our entire route.  We were able to ride on a beautiful bike path off the road and away from cars.  Unfortunately, we followed it for only 10 miles before turning south.

We made it to Mystic, CT a little after 5 and started to look around for what was going to be a good spot to pitch a tent.  We passed a few farms heading into town that seemed friendly, but we decided to get into town first and then conquer.  After finding the visitor center was closed - no one to ask about campsites, I went and rang the bell at the fire-station - no answer, then Robyn suggested we ask the local bike shop if there was anywhere we could pitch our tent.  Fortunately, that worked to our success.  After biking 50 miles, we had another 15 miles ahead of us to the neighboring town (New London, CT) with a bike mechanic, Cooper, as our guide.  To get there, we had to bike over a river, which provided an amazing view of the water, boats, and a sunset.  After getting some delicious Indian food, we stopped at vinyl night at a local spot.  Later, we were able to crash in his friend's art gallery for the night and get another warm night's rest.

Thanks to Cooper for wrenching on my bike and installing a new derailer, my biking today should be more successful. Now, we are off to catch a ferry and bike along Long Island!


  1. Oh boy, this sounds like such fun, you two!
    Lemme know if you wind up overhauling your headset on the road, I'd like to think Bike Works helped a little.
    Give Long Island a kiss for me. It's where I'm from!

    Davey O

    1. Davey!
      Robyn says, "Not only did we kiss it, we slept on its face!"
      Long Island was great, double rainbow! What part did you grow up in? Also, we (Robyn) changed her flat while I patched it on the side of the road, thankgoodness for ABC!

  2. I want to see the river pictures! So happy you guys had a better day two. I am sitting here refreshing the page now for day 3.