Saturday, June 16, 2012

10th 'state' in 10 days! Woot

Yesterday was a glorious rest day. It began with sleeping in, breakfast with Matt and Leshia, then Robyn and I heading to the zoo. We roamed around and M&L met up with us. We then watched the octopus, Pandora, for awhile. Fascinating. She (?) was putting on a show. We then got Chipotle, which for the first time, I ate the entire burrito in one sitting. We grabbed some froyo and said our goodbyes to Matt and Leshia. We ran a few errands, stopped at a bike shop, and headed down to the Washington Mall. Took a few touristy photos and found Pete and Anna. The four of us made our way to Artomatic - which was an office building (that may be torn down soon?) that was taken over by artists that were displaying their work. It encompassed 11 floors. So, much, art. After mentally exhausting our brains, and exhausting our legs a little, we headed back to DC. We said goodbye to Pete and Anna on the metro then went back to to pack and wrench on our bikes.

Currently, we are taking a pit stop in Mount Vernon, VA. Thanks to Ted we are using Adventure Cyclings' maps for the rest of our trip starting today. The first 20 mi have been very enjoyable so far. They got us out of the city with minimal car traffic (some ped traffic) with a beautiful view of the Potomac River.
Happy Saturday everyone!
PS - BikeSpace had an awesome outdoor set up to wrench on your own bike.

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  1. Looks Very Lovely
    You Two Are Traveling the States
    Enjoying the scenery, and saving on gas!
    Takes a lot of courage, and strength
    to keep that pace up...
    Two Girls on Their bike
    Traveling the State's
    Florida's Their Goal
    Bike Trails Their Fate
    Hugs and Love Mom