Wednesday, June 20, 2012

North Carolina! We'll be here for the next 4 days.

Marie is updating the post because if Robyn updated it would sound like this:
'Long, flat, hot, butt hurt.'

I cannot deny, today had all of those aspects, my butt even started to hurt. I lay here now listening to the frogs, cicadas, and howling peacocks, in our slowing cooling down tent, in which Robyn swears we have a bug. Personally, bugs give me the heebie geebies, so I'm going to pretend that is false.

This morning started off with a fabulous breakfast, Kim baked before she went to work! Delicious apple pie, cereal, coffee, mmmm. We said goodbye to Kim and Dave and we're headed toward NC by 8am. Getting started early is key now, as the sun definitely is a scorcher, especially when there are no clouds.

Quicker than I anticipated, we crossed over the North Carolina border! We spent four nights in Virginia! Crazy how we crossed so many New England states in the same amount of time! This is the last new state for me on this journey. At high noon (is there a low noon I wonder?) we took a two hour lunch break/rest/nap, so our tushies could rest and we could get out of the sun.

Trekking on, we crossed a loooooong bridge into the Outer Banks. After a quick stop at the visitor's center, we headed to the beach so Robyn could rest and I could play in the water. I love the water. I could watch it for hours, fascinating.

After a nice dinner, we headed to the campsite. I am a little curious as to where heck we are? We roll up and there is a peacock walking around (and then howling (screeching) later). Robyn says it sounds like Kevin from up.

We are now bathed (in something other than our own sweat and sunscreen) and hopefully falling asleep early so we can get up early to avoid some sun. Though, during our break tomorrow, I'm going to try to even out my awesome tan lines.

Best wishes,

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