Monday, July 2, 2012

Day thirty-one: funny thing about the end sneaks up on you.
With conceiving and planning included, we have been thinking about this trip for almost a year. For the longest time it felt too far to really be happening, once we got started it seemed like it would last forever. We are flying back to Seattle tomorrow but even now it feels like we are just going to wake up at the crack of dawn and ride all day long to a place I have never been before. Where and when does this "real life" occur?
We rode 1465 miles, went to fourteen states, took five ferries and three trains, I got four flats, Marie broke her chain, went through three bottles of sunscreen, eight strangers took us in off the street, we made new friends, saw old friends, made our way into other peoples vacations, survived! To anyone who thinks they cannot go on a bike tour, that they don't have the time, make the time. You can do it. And it is totally worth it.


  1. Super inspiring near-the-end post. So cool to read about all of your travels.

    Glad you've survived!

    1. Thanks Carherine! We're stoked from what we accomplished and excited to come home! See you soon,

  2. Robyn, you and Marie, your both so awesome, I have enjoyed every moment I spent in your company.. Your both very lovely women, at times very sweaty- but what the hay-I still hugged you both... My love to the both of you-what a great team you made...

    Marie- It was a long and plentiful bike ride, a few obstacles, some unexpected twists in your path, but the two of you hung in there, even in the deadest of heat,
    that was courage in itself. I am very proud of both of you... A year ago- I honestly thought it was a cray idea- but you planned and prepped, and you did it.
    Not many people follow though on dreams, but you both did----amazing!---
    Lovs U Mom