Friday, June 22, 2012

Nothing Like Riding 40 mi for Your Cup of Joe

Yes, it's true. I rode 40 mi for a cup of coffee - well, it was on the way. We also were out of fuel, so I couldn't make the last little bit that I had.

After getting an unrestful night's sleep, with the peacocks howling and the yet fly flapping, we managed to get on our bikes and bust out 40 miles by 11:30. We stopped for a while at a cafe to eat a bit, rest from the sun, and charge some devices.

We then biked on down the Outer Banks, which was beautiful. A big sand dune in a lot of places, with little refuge from the sun. Nearing the 'elbow' of the island, we stopped in a plaza to get food from the grocery store, toothpaste and such, and more fuel. A quick stop at the Hateras Lighthouse and we were on our way in search of a campsite for the evening. I had called ahead to a few near the ferry we needed to get on the next morning, but they were all $45+. Making my disapproving face, we biked toward them, but came upon a state park campground that was less than half the price.

Rolling in, we unloaded our bikes, set up our tent, then hit the water. Yes, this campsite was a short walk from the beach. The water was a good temperature to have fun in, while the sunset around us. A cold shower followed, then we began cooking. Robyn opened a can with the swiss army knife (I merely stabbed holes in it) while I prepared spicy mac and cheese. With full bellies, we laid down for another unrestful sleep. Robyn was worried about animals since we were close to a lot of shrubs/thick greenery, and the flapping of the fly from the wind kept us both tossing and turning.

An early morning wake up call - 3:30am - so we could pack up, bike 6.5 mi to the ferry, to catch the 5am ferry, is how we are beginning our day.

Almost the weekend!

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  1. hi hi back at you- Looks like a blast...
    that is the true meaning of fun in the sun..
    Love & hugs Mom