Thursday, June 21, 2012

Bonus: road kill

That is all I am going to write about, feel free to skip. Don't worry, I will spare you photos.

We have seen quite a bit of road kill in the last 850 miles of our lives, I am gaining quite an appreciation for the different types.
Of course there are the different animals and where they occur regionally. There have been plenty of turtles, but I think I didn't see my first one until outside of DC. Deer were very popular in Virginia, saw about four or five but all within that state. Opossums and raccoons have been fairly consistent throughout, at least one a day. I am not sure how there are any squirrels left alive in these united states. Seriously. Those things must reproduce like what all, knowing that thirty percent or so will be wiped out by passing cars alone. Rabbits are a bit more careful or quick, only seen about four corpses. Good thing, it is harder to see the cute animals torn up. I had never seen a dead bird on the side of the road until this trip, now I have seen many. Not sure how they fall victim to cars, poor flight plans I guess. Saw a really pretty yellow bird today and a pelican on one of the bridges. We are even in a wildlife refuge. I did see one baby alligator/crocodile tail, the most rare square on my road kill bingo card.
The state of decay is also of note. Somehow the most pleasant seems to be mystery pelt, a dried out flat bit of skin and fur often bleached beyond even color recognition. The half decomposed, exposed skeleton are perhaps the most fascinating, like a biology lesson laid out on the side of the road. A tie for my least favorite between the less fresh recent dead, by far the stinkiest and generally covered in flies, and the very fresh recently dead, the horror of their final moments still frozen on their furry faces. That sort of trauma sticks with you.
We saw a dead kitten this morning, probably prompting this post in a weird way. Tiny, all grey, so vulnerable, luckily it was faced down and we were spared that particular image.

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  1. very, out of all the things you might encounter on a bike, that is one thing that never crossed my to not look at the ground, hahaha just kidding..

    Love & Hugs D Rice