Saturday, June 2, 2012

Day one - the adventure begins!

The day started in a haze of sleep deprivation. Headed to Seatac in a borrowed minivan at 4 in the morning with fingers crossed that our unwieldy luggage would make it through security without too much trouble. I was body scanned but we pretty much sailed through. Not so much luck on the flights with screaming babies on both. How can children be that loud when they are sad and when they are happy? Managed to make up a couple hours of sleep nonetheless. It may have taken an hour and a half but after we finally got our bikes put back together in a dark corner of the baggage claim in boston we felt like rock stars. Even though our first venture out on our bikes was met with torrential rain, misdirection and I am pretty sure I have far too much stuff in my bags, the excitement was palpable. It still doesn't quite feel real and the initial conditions were not ideal, but being on our bikes and on the road in another state was exhilarating. Braved the T and made it to the North End wet and convinced that this trip is going to be as amazing I had hoped.

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