Monday, May 28, 2012

Test Ride!

To further iron details, Robyn and I loaded our bikes and biked over to Ballard.  
This is what we will look like for the next month.  
All of our belongs fit into two panniers (each), a front rack bad (not pictured), plus a tent.  
Watch out east coast!

We stopped at Second Ascent to obtain a few last items for traveling.  At this point, I feel confident saying that if we left tomorrow we would be set.  There are a few minor ends that we need to tie up, but other than that we geared up and excited to go!
The ride itself went smoothly.  Not too intense, and biking up Wallingford's hill was definitely feasible.

Then, we came home and set up the tent, which was ridiculously simple.

And then tested it out. 

Brian M. took a morning and taught me how to make a camping stove.  We tested that out as well.  We bought some fuel (which can be found at gas stations), set up the stove, and boiled some water.

Now I feel more confident about the packing, loading, unloading, setting up procedure.  We will definitely have shelter and the ability to cook meals with some ease.  Did I mention the only camping experience I have had in my adult life is one night of car camping?   Yeah adventure!


  1. Haven't you heard? Cardboard is flamible! It is sheet metal.